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March 2011 - Table of Contents
Vol. 35, No. 1
Spring 2011

Yu Cheng Hsiang 1929-2010
A highly regarded Tai Chi teacher and practitioner,
Yu Cheng Hsiang, died Nov. 30. He taught mainly in
the New York City area and was also a fixture at
Tai Chi Farm in Warwick, NY, and A Taste of China,
Winchester, VA. He learned Shaolin martial arts as
a teenager in Shanghai and learned Tai Chi i
n Taiwan from a student of Yang Shao hou and also
from Cheng Man-ch'ing. He emphasized both form and
push hands.
The issue includes tributes to Yu Cheng Hsiang by
students and friends. There will be
additional tributes in the next issue.

William C. C. Chen on Relaxing Inner Thigh Muscles

A prominent teacher in New York, who also teachings nationally and internationally,
William C. C. Chen discusses the dynamics of relaxing the inner thigh muscles and
how to apply them in practice.

Wang Zhang Hong on the Three Secrets of Tai Chi
Dan Lee and members of the Wang’s Water-Nature Taijiquan Club of USA have
translated a section from the late Wang Zhang Hong’s book, “The Great Good Is
To Be like Water.” Wang's theories and practical skills earned him a reputation as a
high level martial artist.

Wang Fengming on Tai Chi’s 8 Techniques
In the first part of a two-part article, Wang Fengming describes how to use applications of
Tai Chi's eight basic techniques. A top student of the famous Feng Zhiqiang, Feng has
taught for many years in Europe and now is located in the U.S.

Qian Yucai on Teaching in Russia and Japan
Zeyang Wang writes about Qian Yucai, who became fluent in Russian and Japan and late
in life taught in Russia and Japan. Qian Yucai learned Tai Chi from a number of prominent
teachers in China.

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