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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE September 2010

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September 2010 - Table of Contents

Vol. 34, No. 3
Fall 2010

Essence of Tai Chi Jin Part 2
Wang Fengming of Edison, NJ, writes again with considerable detail about characteristics of Taiji Jin, the internal strength developed through the practice of Taiji Quan.

Recognizing and Cultivating Jin
Robert Chuckrow, Ph.D., who studied with Cheng Man-ch’ing, writes about recognizing and cultivating Jin.

Wang Zongyue’s Doctrines Illustrated Part 2
David Lee of Guangzhou, China, writes about Wang Zongyue’s famous doctrines. He illustrates Wang’s aphorisms with photos showing how they can be applied.

Developing Tai Chi’s Dong Jin Skills
Vincent Chu and Liu Xi Wen with Robert A. Anderson discuss the importance of understanding jin in Tai Chi Chuan.

Eye/Hand Coordination in Tai Chi
Rob Talbot of New Zealand writes about how to properly use the eyes in coordination with body movement.

A Synopsis of Tai Chi Development
Jack Yan translates an article by Kang Gewu published in the People’s Daily that describes the historical development as a martial art and a health system.

Letter to the Editor
Dr. Keith Jeffery, writes about “Dumbing Down Tai Chi.”

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