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March 2010 - Table of Contents

Vol. 34, No. 1
Spring 2010

Learning Tai Chi as an Internal Art
Chen Zhenglei describes the requirements for learning Tai Chi Chuan as an internal art and the importance of acquiring gongfu.

Notes on Hunyuan Tai Chi Chuan
Tanya Avner of Redmond, WA, reports on workshops held with two senior teachers trained by Feng Zhiquang.

Taoist Five Organs Qigong
Gregory Fong of Portland, OR, writes about Taoist Five Organs Qigong.

Defensive Stances in Tai Chi
C. M. Havens of Brooklyn, NY, writes more about the teachings of his instructor, Earnest Gow.

Jay Burkey Discusses The Gift of Reflection
He writes about his experience with his instructor, Jon Loren, and how it led to his own inner understanding of the Tai Chi journey.

Fajin In Taijiquan
Howard Choy, a practitioner of Yang style, discusses internal strength, fajin, and the useful training he received from Chen stylist Chen Xiaowang.

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