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June 2009 - Table of Contents

Vol. 33, No. 2

Table of Contents Summer 2009

A History of Chen Fake and Hong Junsheng
Hong Junsheng had a long relationship as a student with Chen Fake. In this article Chen Zhonghua and Gordon Muir discuss that productive martial arts relationship and how Hong was able enhance his own development. Chen Fake is famous for his Tai Chi Chuan skills and for bringing the Chen Village Tai Chi to Beijing (Peking).

Why Tai Chi Must Be Learned Slowly
Jay Burkey, Kalama, WA, was student of Jon Loren, who died last year. Burkey studied with Loren for 36 years. He writes with insight about the benefits of learning Tai Chi slowly over a long period of time in order understand and implement it subtleties.

The Legacy of Tian Yingjia
James Yuan and LeRoy Clark write about Tian Zhaolin, befriended by the Yang family, and the legacy passed on to his son, the late Tian Yingjia.

A Treatise on ‘Martial Training with a Playful Spirit’
Randolph Ford translates an essay by He Zhaoyuan and a commentary on it by He Qingxi. It illuminates some of the important meanings of Tai Chi practice.

Synchronicity in a 30-year Tai Chi Journey
Pamela Lake of Atlanta, GA, tells about her serendipitous adventures with Tai Chi.

Dong Bin of Shanghai Dies at 88
Rose Oliver of Shanghai writes about one of her most important mentors, Dong Bin. She describes his skill, personality and his impact on his students.

Integrating Disabilities in Tai Chi Practice
Dr. Steve L. Sun and Dr. Frank W. Wolek of the Philadelphia area, write about helping people with disabilities learn and practice Tai Chi.

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