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March 2009 - Table of Contents

The Intrinsic Qualities of Taijiquan
Wang Zhuang Hong writes about the intrinsic qualities of Taijiquan and the way to develop the skills to use them without employing brute force. Wang was famous for his push hands skills.

Wheelchair Taiji Featured at Beijing Paralympics
S. Dale Brown writes about Zibin Guo’s development of Wheelchair Taiji and its debut at the Beijing Paralympics.

A Remembrance of Wang Zhuang Hong
Patrick Siu Wah Chan of Hong Kong writes about how he found his teacher and what he learned from him.

Releasing Power on Push Hands--Part 2
Li Lian discusses additional insights into push hands and power release in this installment of Zhou Lishang’s interview with him.

The Right Path in I-chuan Standing
Gregory Fong of Portland, OR, writes about the methods of I-chuan standing.

The Spirit of Tai Chi
Warner D Conarton writes about what beginners can expect from Tai Chi and how they can adapt to it.

A Metaphor to Aid Relaxation in Tai Chi
Wilfred K. Chow, a lawyer in New York City, writes about an epiphany that helped him to relax in Tai Chi.

Taiji’s Philosophy Techniques and Principles
Randolph Ford translates an article by Xia Tong that helps explain the philosophy behind the techniques and principles.

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