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August 1990 - Table of Contents

Vol. 14, No. 4
August 1990

Yang Zhenduo on Yang Style
Yang Zhenduo, heir to the Yang style, discusses his family’s famous style in an exclusive interview at A Taste of China.

Remarks on Yang Style Principles and Techniques.
Yang Zhenduo taught a seminar at A Taste of China on the traditional Yang styles. This is a digest of some of his remarks.

Yang Style Fighting Appplications—Part 2
Kumar Frantzis discusses ways that the Yang style can be used for fighting, including theory and principles.

Wave Dynamics
David X Swenson, Ph.D., discusses the importance of harmonic, or wave, generation of power in Tai Chi as a way to greatly increase its power and efficiency.

Results of the 1990 ATOC Tournament.

Gin Foon Mark on the Chinese Method of Hand Conditioning.
Martin Eisen interviews a leading teacher, who gives his insights about external vs. internal hand conditioning methods.

Reeling the Silk
J. Just Meehan presents some new insights into just what reeling the silk means for Tai Chi players, especially Chen stylists.

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