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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1990

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December 1990 - Table of Contents

Vol. 14, No. 6
December 1990

Shouyu Liang Discusses Developing Internal Energy
A much honored martial arts teacher from China tells about his study of internal arts and gives suggestions for students who are serious about developing their skills.

A First Hand Account of Learning Northern Wu Style in China
David F. Dolbear tells of his studies in Beijing and some of the many subtleties passed on to him by his teacher there.

How Fa-jing is Used in The Yang Style
Alan Sims presents valuable writings from Yang family manuscripts about different kinds of fa-jing, or explosive power.

Silk Reeling Exercises Can Improve Health and Self-Defense Skills
Donald L. Schurman, Ph.D., presents Jou Tsung Hwa’s silk reeling exercises and shows how to do them.

The Wu and Yang Styles Are Similar But Different
Sophia Delza, a long time teacher and an expert on the Wu style, reveals some of the distinguishing features of the Wu and Yang styles.

A 96-Year-Old Shanghai Man Still Loves to Do Push Hands
Jiang Chang-fen has been doing T’ai Chi since he was about 40 and is testimony to T’ai Chi’s ability to keep people healthy and fit even at an advanced age.

An Important Part of Qigong is Regulating The Heart/Mind (Hsin)
T.K. Shih, who has numerous credentials as a qigong expert, describes how to calm the mind in order to practice qigong correctly.

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