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June 1990 - Table of Contents

Vol. 14, No. 3
June 1990

Applications Reveal th Soul of T’ai Chi Ch’uan
Liang Baiping discusses the importance of applications in the Chen style and other significant factors in practice.

Yang Style Applications
Kumar Frantzis discusses important factors in using T’ai Chi for self-defense for all styles and the Yang style in particular.

Famous Chen Style Master Tu Yi Che dies At 95
Adam Hsu reports on the recent death of his master, Tu Yi Che, and describes his development and accomplishments.

T’ai Chi Weapons Embody Advanced Techniques
Doc-Fai Wong explains the history of T’ai Chi weapons and gives an interesting perspective of their development and use.

Is T’ai Chi Ch’uan ‘Martial’?
Sophia Delza, a leading U.S. teacher, discusses T’ai Chi Ch’uan and its real uses. She questions its “martial” use.

Leading Woman Chen Stylist from China Discusses Its Essentials
Kenneth Cohen tells of his experience learning from Gao Fu and gives her thoughts on her experience and the Chen style.

Inward Characteristics Of Qigong and Chinese Tradition
In this translation of the publication “Qigong and Science,” the various inward tendencies in Chinese arts are discussed.

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