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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1990

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February 1990 - Table of Contents

Vol. 14, No. 1
February 1990

Attaining Higher Levels Requires a New Life-Style
Adam Hsu, who teaches the Chen style in the San Francisco Bay area, discusses overcoming barriers to achieving higher levels of development and the importance of traditional values in everyday life and in the martial arts.

The Healing Power of Tai Chi Chuan
Patrick Hancock, who teaches in Clarksburg, MD, discusses some amazing healing benefits he has helped bring about in some of his students, using Tai Chi Chuan and Taoist meditation.

Chen Fei: A 50-year Perspective of Tai Chi Chuan
Erle Montaigue interviews Chen Fei, an 80-year-old teacher in Sydney, Australia, who gives some interesting insights about his study and some important teachers.

Tai Chi ‘Integration Can Improve the Internal System
Liu Xiangyang, Mobile, AL, tells about some of the health benefits of Tai Chi Chuan and aspects of the Wudang style that he practices.

Levels of Progress In the Chen Style
An excerpt from a manuscript by Chen practitioner Alan Sims, St. Albans, NY. The excerpt is a translation of 3 of 5 levels described by the Chen Xiaowang, a famous contemporary Chen style practitioner.

Basic Techniques of Wu Style Push Hands
Dr. W. Zee, a long time student of the famous Wu stylist Ma Yueh-liang, writes about Wu style push hands and differences between Tai Chi Chuan and external styles.

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