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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1999

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December 1999 - Table of Contents

Vol. 23, No. 6
December 1999


George Xu Examines Key Qualities of Tai Chi and the Wild Tiger
One of the U.S. top Tai Chi teachers looks at the TaiChi qualities that are important to emphasize in practice. He discusses how the tiger uses many parallel methods in stalking his prey.


Chris Pei on on Important Aspects of the Sword
Shelagh Grandpierre writes about interesting aspects of the sword based on an interview and seminar with Chris Pei of the U.S. Wushu Academy.


Tu-Ky Lam on Chen Style Torso Methods
Tu-Ky Lam, who teaches in New Zealand, writes about how to work with the torso to maximize practice. His suggestions apply to any style.


Dr. Wen Zee on Qigong
A medical doctor from Shanghai, Dr. Zee feels that qigong is basically a form of meditation and not a miraculous healing practice.


Tai Chi As a Way to Cope with Depression
Terri Skolaski-Pellitteri writes about how Taihi helped her to cope with the problems from depression.


How to Establish A Moving Center
Arthur Scholbe and Tuey Staples write about finding a moving center in form practice and how it benefits practice of self-defense applications.


The Herbal Way to Establish Health
Michael P. Milburn, Ph.D., tells about the development of herbal medicine and how to use it to stay healthy. He discusses some important herbs.


Antique Chinese Swords
David Dolbear writes about his experience working with antique swords and their value in practicing sword forms. He gives some key suggestions for their use.

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