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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1999

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October 1999 - Table of Contents

Vol. 23, No. 5

October 1999


Chen Xiaowang Explains the Dantian Connection
One of the top Chen stylists, he discusses linking the dantion with the rest of the entire body as an essential element of TaiChi Chuan practice for health and self-defense.

On Meeting Wu Tunan
H. H. lee, Ph.D., tells about his meeting with the legendary Wu Tunan, who lived to be 105 years old. Wu was a legend for his TaiChi skills and scholarship.

Dr Wen Zee Explains Peng Energy
Wu stylist Dr. Wen Zee, a long-time student of the late Ma Yueh-liang, sheds new light on Peng, the primary energy of Tai Chi. He explains how it works and how it is developed.

The First Courtyard
Patrick Templeton and Diana C. Moll write about The First Courtyard of Yang style and its complexities, requirements and challenges.

Dynamics of Rooting
Robert B. Amacker writes about misconceptions of rooting in Tai Chi and some of the correct dynamics involved.

Confronting the Dilemmas of Study
Mike Fuchs discusses some of the complexities of different approaches to Tai Chi, from studying for health to learning self-defense.

Using Tai Chi to Overcome Depression
Jennie S. Bev gives insights about the inner work in Tai Chi and how it can be used as safety net against depression.

The Art of TaiChi
Vincent Chu explores some of the many aspects of TaiChi in terms of martial arts, athletic skill, and health. He emphasizes the importance of understanding the philosophy for all aspects.

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