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August 1999 - Table of Contents
Vol. 23, No. 4
August 1999

Chen Qingzhou Discusses the Essence Of Chen Style
One of the top Chen stylists, noted for his neutralizing ability, talks about rooting, the dantian, and leading the opponent into emptiness.

Xu Zhi Yi on Essentials of Forms Practice
Doug Woolidge translates Chapter Five of a book by an important Wu stylist. Xu discusses some of the stages in developing forms practice and some of the key features of each stage.

Tuey Staples Proposes An Infinity Posture
Arthur W. Scholbe writes with his teacher, Tuey Staples, about the importance of maintaining an infinity posture. He says the key is to avoid letting the focus go outside of the body.

Thomas B. Aaron III on Realistic TaiChi
Could you use your TaiChi skills to take on a street fighter?? Thomas Aaron discusses how TaiChi is an excellent method if used correctly.

Are You Ready to Begin Again?
Anthony A Lessing overcame his doubts and feels good about it.

Judith Sachs on the Importance of Touch
Finding the right touch can be a crucial part of TaiChi practice for young and old, according to Judith Sachs.

Marc Sabin on the Value of Wu Chi Posture
Simple standing still can help unify your Tai Chi practice and your life, writes Mark Sabin in a discussion of the value and techniques of Wu Chi.

Photos and Results of The 1999 Taiju LegacyKungfu Tournament

Photos of The Tai Chi Farm Festival

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