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June 1999 - Table of Contents
Vol. 23, No. 3
June 1999

Liu Jishun Explains Internal Training In The Wu/ Hao Style
Liu Jishun, who has practiced the Wu/Hao style since 1960, describes internal requirements for developing the energies inside of the Wu/Hao style, originated by Wu Yu-xiang.

Chen Zheng Lei Discusses Silk Reeling Exercises
A top Chen stylist in China, Chen describes methods of Silk Reeling Exercises and their functions.

Ted Mancuso on the “Tangle” Technique
The “Tangle” exists in all styles and Mancuso discusses its techniques and explains its significance in relation to the classics.

Northern Wu Style’s Training Method
David F. Dolbear writes about some of the important principles for the Northern Wu style and the methods used to teach it.

Qi: Enigma of the East
Michael P. Milburn, Ph.D., a biophysicist and researcher, writes about aspects of qi energy from the viewpoint of the East and also that of Western scientists.

An Exploration of 3 Key Issues of Practice
Tam Cheuk-Ying, a long time practitioner, discusses some important issues he has studied over the years.

How to Hold Tai Chi Sword
Dr. Paul Lam and Kam Lau Fung write about holding the sword and sword form applications.

Form and Push Hands Training
Xue Nai-Yin writes about these two training methods and how they complement each other.

Philosophic Roots
Eo Omwake writes about finding spiritual value in Tai Chi practice.

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