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April 1999 - Table of Contents
Vol. 23, No. 2
April 1999

Zhan Tian Cai on Chen Style Training Methods
One of the four tigers of the Chen village, Zhu Tian Cai talks about important training methods and principles, and relates a new story of Yang Lu-ch’an’s Chen training.

Wang Hao Da on the Intention Connection
A top student of Ma Yueh-Liang, Wang Hao Da talks about some of the secrets of internal strength and push hands.

Calvin Chin on Reaching Higher Levels
Harvey W. Liebergott interviews Calvin Chin and reports on how Yang Cheng-fu’s second son teaches and how his form differs from other Yang styles.

Dr. George Ho on Internal Processes
A practitioner in Vancouver, BC, Canada, George Ho explores some of the internal dynamics at work when you practice Tai Chi Chuan.

Tu-Ky Lam Tells How to Improve Your Tai Chi
A teacher in New Zealand, Tu-Ky lam writes about some of the things you can do to improve the way you practice Tai Chi so you don’t miss out on many of its benefits.

Zhou Zhan Fang on Learning Methods
Gerald Sharp interviews, Zhou Zhan Fang of Shanghai, who studied with the late ma Yueh-Liang. He gives some insights about Ma and Tai Chi practice.

Nurturing the Gate of Life
Sean Fannin, a practicing herbalist in Northern California, describes the importance of the Gate of Life and ways to strengthen it.

On Becoming a Teacher
Steve Russell tells his experience in becoming a teacher and shares some of the practical decisions he had to make.

The Art of Non-Fighting
Kim Rosenberg writes about his experience over the years with the concept of fighting without fighting.

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