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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1999

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February 1999 - Table of Contents

Vol. 23, No.1

Chen Youze on Training For Competing in Push Hands
Winner of local and national push hands tournaments, Chen Youze talks about developing skills and strategies for winning. He discusses important principles involved in push hands.

Shi Mei Lin on Inner Training in Tai Chi
A gold medal competitor, she is the adopted daughter of the late Ma Yueh-Liang and Wu Ying Hua. She discussed some of their Tai Chi ideas.

The Teaching of Yang Zhenji
Mark S. Waldman reports on how Yang Chengfu’s second son teaches and how his form differs from other Yang styles.

How To Open The Body With Wu Chi Meditation
Guo-An Feng tells why it is important to open the body for circulation of qi. He describes techniques to help you do this for health or self-defense.

Chen Pan-ling: Uniting Tradition and Science
Ann Carruthers and Raye McGowen write about the efforts of Chen pan-ling to standardize Chinese martial arts and his ideas about the martial arts.

Finding It Hard to Find a Teacher? Perseverance Pays Off
Alex Yeo of Singapore found it difficult to find a teacher, but he kept trying and found what he wanted.

Horse Stance Push Hands
Chun Man Sit describes an unusual method of refining push hands skills that he learned in Hong Kong.

Understanding T’ai Chi’s Meditative Function
Steve Higgins discussed methods of working with the mind and the use of mindfulness. He tells how traditional long forms are helpful for this.

How To Use Pressure Points for Health
Isabel C. Tatoui tells how the hand’s pressure points can maintain health.

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