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By Jiang Jian-ye. Based on movements of from the Five Animal Frolics, includes exercises performed with light weights. Teaching is step-by-step with multiple repetitions and camera angles. It is taught at slow and normal speeds. 118 Min. For Tai Chi for Osteoporosis see item number 1595.

Five Animal Frolics-2 Parts


By Jiang Jian-ye. The Five Animal Frolics are an ancient exercise created 1800 years ago by a famous Chinese doctor, Hua Tuo. They involve stretching, flexibility, balance and agility. They are based on the bird, deer, bear, tiger and monkey. Each animal has five forms and they are taught step-by-step with multiple repetitions and angles. There are reviews and slow and normal speeds. Part 1 120 Min. 1582 Part 2 115 Min. 1583


Wayfarer Publications was founded in 1981 to provide resources for people interested in the arts related to Tai Chi. These resources are not just for practitioners of Tai Chi Chuan, but also for people interested in associated arts, since the concept of Tai Chi embraces a full spectrum of philosophy and arts related to the understanding, use and balance of Yin and Yang.

From just a few books, the Wayfarer catalog has grown to many hundreds of interesting and useful items and is constantly growing. In the process, it has contributed to the development of many useful items and provided a way for them to reach the public. At the same time, it has helped people develop their skills and understanding through the use of these items.

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