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August 2004 - Table of Contents

Science Measures Results of Qigong, T’ai Chi Practice
Dr. Shin Lin reports on his use of the latest technology to measure blood flow, electrical conductance, capacitance and brain waves of experienced qigong and T’ai Chi practitioners.  A martial arts practitioners for over 40 years, he uses his scientific training and the latest equipment to track people's energy levels and state of mind.

Qian Timing Discusses Wu Dang Martial Arts
The 12th generation lineage holder of Wu Dang Dan Pai discusses Zhong He, the way of harmony, and the way to achieve it in internal martial arts.  This is a very useful article, giving insight into key principles of martial arts and Wu Dang martial arts in particular. He was a famous practitioner and author until his recent immigration to the U.S.

Zhang Quanliang Explains Baguazhang
This is the second of three articles featuring Zhang. He discusses principles and techniques of Baguazhang,one of the most interesting internal martial arts. It shares many of the same principles as T'ai Chi Ch'uan and Xingyi, although it is note for its circle walking methods and liveliness.

Compression Breathing
Greg Brodsky describes the breathing method he learned from William C. C. Chen, its benefits how to get started.  This method differs from some other methods in that one inhales when one extends the arms and exhales on withdrawing them. He does have an interesting description of the breathing method and its benefits.

How to Apply the Technique of Fan Through the Back
Chun Man Sit, a noted teacher in Kansas, teaches with photos how to apply the Fan Through the Back in self-defense situations.

Which is More Important: Principles or Form?
Alex Yeo encounters contradictions in a teacher’s exam and writes about the pros and cons of modern form versus traditional principles. 

Ip Tai Tak Dies
The first disciple of Yang Sau Chung dies in Hong Kong. Robert Body also writes about a last interview with Ip Tai Tak and his insights into T'ai Chi practice and the teaching of Yang Sau Chung, the oldest son of Yang Cheng-fu.

Learn Techniques Then Applications
Mark Wasson writes about the importance of working on techniques as a prerequisite to being able to execute applications effectively. He feels that without solid work on techniques, execution of applications will not be as effective.

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