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June 2004 - Table of Contents

Training Softly To Develop Strength
Tu-Ky Lam of Wellington, New Zealand, a regular contributor to T’ai Chi Magazine, discusses the development of internal strength and how it is created by soft movements and in standing postures. He writes about principles for this kind of training and the methods.

Madam Sun Jianyun Remembered
The late Sun Jianyun, daughter of the famous martial artist Sun Lutang, is remembered by Zhou Lishang in this article from Beijing.  She discusses some of Sun's life and accomplishments.  

Xing Yi Four Forms Of Rooster
Daniel K. Wong of Canada writes about this Xing Yi form, its methods and importance. He explains the four forms and basic footwork and their significance for self-defense and health. 

Are Internal Arts Scientific?
Alex Yeo of Singapore looks at the problems the internal arts face in establishing a scientific basis for the future development of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and related internal martial arts. He discusses terminology that is quasi-mystical and advocates a greater effort to present internal arts in an objective way. 

Zhang Quanliang on Liang Style Bagua
A Beijing martial artist is interviewed about the origins and development of Bagua. He also reminisces about the skills of key figures in Bagua’s development into one of China’s premier internal styles. Many of the principles and skills are related to other internal martial arts such as T’ai Chi Ch’uan and Xingyi. 

Shi Ming’s Son on his Father’s Legacy
Shi Hai, son of the famous Shi Ming, writes about dancao, or single movement practice, and some of its benefits. Shi Ming was a famous teacher in Beijing and author of a book in English that is currently out of print.  

10-Form Longevity Exercises Forms 9-10
This is the fifth and final installment in a series about the Taoist 10-Form Longevity exercises.  

Dr. Wen Zee on Doubleweightedness
The late Dr. Zee wrote this vintage T'AI CHI Magazine article in February 1986 to clarify understanding about double-weightedness.

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