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April 2004 - Table of Contents
‘No Secret Invincible Techniques’
Donald Cheung of Ottawa, ON, Canada, writes about Zhang Lianen’s insights about T’ai Chi practice. Zhang was the last closed-door disciple of Hong Junsheng. The article tells about Zhang’s difficulty in become a student of Hong as well as Zhang’s insights from his practice. 

Zhu Tiancai’s 42 Methods of Fajin
David Gaffney of UK, co-author of a Chen Style book, writes about the fajin techniques Zhu Tiancai taught for the first time in the UK. The techniques are an extension of those from Chen Zhaokui, Zhu’s teacher.   

Finding Favorable Conditions for Practice
Alex Yeo of Singapore writes about the many factors to consider in deciding when, where and how much to practice.

Threading through Earth’s Magnetic Fields
Stephen Bartlett, an engineer and T’ai Chi practitioner, discusses adjusting form speed to maximize benefits from earth’s magnetic fields.

Vintage T’ai Chi: A 1991 Interview with Zhang Xuexin
One of Feng Zhiqiang's top students discusses developing internal strength in a cover article published shortly after he came to the U.S. Translator was George Xu. The issue is now out of print. 

Longevity Exercises Form 8
This is the fourth and longest installment to date of a useful set of longevity exercises popular in China.  

Vintage T’ai Chi: Zhou Yuanlong
In an interview from 1987, Zhou Yuanlong of Shanghai discusses the need for developing power as well as sensitivity to improve one’s push hands skills. 

Wudang 13 Form and The 13 Essentials
Dr. Xianhao Cheng of Philadelphia writes about the basic techniques of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and the Wudang 13-form that has been developed in China.

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