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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2004

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February 2004 - Table of Contents
Cover Article: Qiao Song Mao on The Wu style of Wu Yuxiang
Interviewed in Singapore by Alex Yeo, Qiao Son Mao discusses the development of Wu style and basic principles that distinguish it. Qiao is the leader of theWu style, which was developed by Wu Yuxiang following studies with Chen Qingping collaboration of Yang Luchan. Wu, a scholar as well as a martial artist, is said to be the author of many of the important classics of T’ai Chi Ch’uan. Yeo also writes about Qiao’s seminar remarks about Wu style. 

William F. Zachmann On T’ai Chi in 1976 And T. T. Liang.
William F. Zachmann was interviewed on radio in 1976 and the transcription of that interview is presented here. Zachmann, a computer expert, also writes from a present day perspective about his experiences learning directly from T. T. Liang.

Irv Rothstein Writes About his Special T’ai Chi Journey
Irv Rothstein tells about his discovery of T’ai Chi Ch’uan and his studies and how they helped with his severe back pains. He tells of his T’ai Chi lessons from Fong Ha, who also taught at the high school where Rothstein taught. 

Dr. Steve L. Sun on The Development of Acupressure Skills
Dr. Sun, a noted martial artist,  writes about the natural development of healing skills that can occur for some people who study T’ai Chi Ch’uan. He has useful suggestions as to how to cope with the development of healing skills and when not to use them. 

Vintage T’ai Chi:
A 1990 Interview with Yang Zhenduo
In Yang’s first trip to the U.S., Yang Zhenduo spoke extensively about Yang style and its key principles of practice. He presented a Yang style seminar at A Taste of China, first of many seminars in the U. S. by Yang and grandson, Yang Jun, who now lives in Seattle, WA. 

Longevity Exercises Form 7
This is the third installment of a useful set of longevity exercises popular in China.  

Sword Sparring Strategies
Yan Gaofei discusses various techniques that can be used in sword sparring. Yan teaches internal exercise in South Florida. The article is co-authored by Denise Benkert.

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