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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2003

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December 2003 - Table of Contents

Cover Article: Yan Yuanhua on Mind/Intent in Form and Push Hands
Wu stylist Yan Yuanhua of Los Angeles, CA, discusses the development of mind/intent for form and push hands. He describes techniques of mind/intent in push hands and how to overcome problems.

Xie Bing Can On Improving Form Practice
A teacher for more than 40 years, Xie Bing Can of Seattle, WA, writes about how practitioners of any style can improve their form practice. He gives examples from the Yang style.

A Tribute to Yang Shaozhong
Daniel K. Wong of Elphinstone, Manitoba, Canada, writes about the skills and teaching of Yang Shaozhong, with whom he studied in Hong Kong.

8 Fundamental Principles
Flavio Daniele of Bologna, Italy, writes about working on the internal structure of the body-mind system.

Taoist Breath Work In T’ai Chi
Charlie Fechter of Vestavia, AL, explains the value of using breath with T’ai Chi practice. He writes about a Mechanics of Breath model and describes how to do it.

Yang Family 88-Form T’ai Chi San-Shou
Yao Guoqin writes about the Yang family 88-form Taiji San-Shou. This is a partner form passed down from Yang Jianhou to Tian Zhaolin. Photos of all 88 forms are shown.

On Being a Good Student
Alex Yeo of Singapore writes about what makes a good student and the student/teacher relationship from a traditional and modern standpoint. He gives examples of the good and bad in teacher/student relationships.

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