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April 2005 - Table of Contents

Vol. 29, No. 2
April 2005

Tributes to Gao Fu
Martin Mellish  Page 14
Kenneth Cohen  Page 15
Felicia Hecker  Page 16
Kim Ivy, Wendy B. Marlowe   Pages 50-51

Students of Gao Fu, who died January 17 in Beijing write about their experiences with her and her teaching in the Seattle area. Page 14

Chen Xiaoxing on Cannon Fist
David Gaffney of Chen Taijiquan Great Britain writes about his group's visit last fall to the Chen village to study with Chen Xiaoxing, who is in charge of training at the school there. Page 6

Hiu Chee Fatt on Four Ounces Deflecting 1000 Pounds
He gives his understanding of the meaning of this important principle and how it works in practice. He feels that too many people misunderstand the meaning of softness and this limits their push hands development. Page 26

T'ai Chi and Its Supreme Environment
Jon A. Loren of Brookings, OR, a longtime practitioner, writes about the negative and positive effects of the places where we practice. Page 32

Taking T'ai Chi to Heart
Steve Russell tells about his T'ai Chi practice and its effect on his health and recuperation from heart surgery. If you want validation that T'ai Chi is good for health, he has it.  Page 35

Yin Style Baguazhang Forms
He Jinbao of Beijing discusses principles of the form and its methods of attack and defense, as well as the various requirements for posture and movement. Page 42

Linda Schneiderman Dies at 61
The founder of Red Lion School of T'ai Chi Ch'uan in Dobbs Ferry, NY, died following a prolonged illness. She taught widely in Westchester County, NY, and held T'ai Chi Tournaments. Page 11

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