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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 2005

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October 2005 - Table of Contents
Q & A with Chen Zhonghua on How the Kua Function
Chen stylist Chen Zhonghua (Joseph Chen) answers questions about how the two kua function and the role of the joints in producing internal energy.

What If It's All Vertical?
Greg Brodsky examines how the internal energy travels in the body, asking whether it travels horizontally in weight shifts or vertically. He also relates his experience pushing hands with Cheng Man-ch'ing.

How Giving and Receiving Work Together
William Ting (Ting Kuo Piao) looks at the interaction of Yin and Yang as he discusses the way giving and receiving work in T'ai Chi, particularly in push hands.

Hua Tuo's 5 Animal Frolics-Part 2
Zhou Lishang of Beijing presents a new version Hua Tuo's Five Animal Frolics from the State Physical Culture and Sports Bureau.

Teaching T-ai Chi in America
Dr. Brice J. Wilkinson of Winona State University, Winona, MN, proposes University curricula that will certify students to teach T-ai Chi Ch-uan.

A T-ai Chi Perspective of Yiquan Practice
Tu-Ky Lam of New Zealand tells of a visit to an Yiquan school in Beijing. He describes their methods of practice and compares it to T-ai Chi Ch-uan, Xingyi and Bagua.

The Lesssons of Teaching
L. D. Pennington of Marietta, OH, describes her insights into teaching after many years of teaching other subjects.

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