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August 2005 - Table of Contents

Prof. Cao Yimin on T-ai Chi and the Quality of Life
Prof. Cao Yimin of the Wushu Association of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing, writes about some scientific studies of T'ai Chi and how it improves health and peace of mind.


Cheng Jincai on Chen Style Ethics-Part 2
In this second article, Cheng writes about additional aspects of cultivating ethics. He discusses integrity of speech, self-control, cultivation of heart and mind, humility, patience and social responsibility.


Li Lairen on Integrating Fundamentals, Form and Function
Donald Cheung interviews Li Lairen of Toronto, Canada, about how to improve training. He discusses form training, zhan zhuang, silk reeling and applications. 

Hua Tuo's 5 Animal Frolics-Part 1
Zhou Lishang of Beijing presents a new version Hua Tuo's Five Animal Frolics from the State Physical Culture and Sports Bureau.             


Li Ziming Is Honored
Zhou Lishang writes about honors in Beijing marking the centennial of the birth of Li Ziming, famous Bagua practitioner.


Wang Haijun on Training Jin
David Gaffney of Manchester, UK, interviews Wang Haijun about the eight ways of training the body's intrinsic energies.

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