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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1998

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February 1998 - Table of Contents
Yang Zhenduo on Cultivating a Calm Mind, by Marvin Smalheiser;

Tam Cheuk-Ying on Fa-Jin, by Tam and J. C. Plura;

Role of Mind in Applied T’ai Chi, by Douglas Woolidge;

Qigong and Modern Science, by Yue Xian;

Teaching T’ai Chi in a Psychiatric Setting, by Ruth Borkowski;

Developing a therapeutic Touch, by William Morales-Jacks;

T’ai Chi and Parkinson’s Patients, by Dr. Leonard Schwartzman;

Falun Gong Qigong, by Cen Yuefang;

Using Push Hands for Personal Development, by Nando Raynolds.
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