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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1994

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December 1994 - Table of Contents

Vol. 18, No. 6
December 1994

A Last Interview with Fu Zhongwen
Fu Zhong, 91-year-old Yang style grandmaster, talks about the Yang style and Tai Chi Chuan in an interview in Baltimore two months before his death Sept. 24. A student of Yang Cheng-fu, he also talks about his teacher and Yang Lu-ch’an. Two other articles also appear.

Ma Hong on Chen Style’s Four Key Training Principles
One of China’s most famous Chen stylists is interviewed by George Xu about Chen style training, including the value of power training. Ma’s studies showed that power training helps.

Tai Chi Rehabilitation System Helps People with Injuries
Larry C. Eshelman and Richard Pastorella tell about their success using a medium frame Yang style to rehabilitate people with serious injuries.

Chris Pei Discusses Ward Off Energy
Chris Pei, who had studied with some important teachers, discusses  the essentials and use of Ward Off energy in Tai Chi Chuan.

Wang Shu-chin’s Walking Stick System
Manfred E. Rottmann, a disciple of the famous Wang Shu-chin, describes principles and techniques of one of Wang Shu-chin's favorite weapons-a walking stick.

Sophia Delza writes about the Promise of Things to Come
She talks about the awakening in students of certain qualities of Tai Chi Chuan that occurs as they practice over a period of time. She discusses the true meanings of symbolic forms.

A Qigong Foot Exercise with a Rolling Stick
Lao Cen writes about a method from a famous qigong master, Guo Lin, that helps to nourish the kidneys.

A Father and Son Have a Mutual Interest in Tai Chi Chuan
A father writes about his introduction to Tai Chi and how his son also became interested and began learning with him.

Booking Tai Chi Time
Peter Neri writes about his difficulties finding time to practice while working and having a family. It’s a tight schedule.

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