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March 2013 - Table of Contents

Vol. 37, No. 1
Spring 2013

Joe Wai Man Lok on Learning through Relaxation

A practitioner of Wu Dang Tai Chi, Joe Wai Man Lok of Hong Kong takes an in depth view of the role of relaxation in learning Tai Chi.

Benjamin Lo Writes about Robert W. Smith
An article written by Benjamin Lo, a long time friend of Robert W. Smith for a Taiwan publication is translated in this issue by Russ Mason.

Steve Doob on Working with the Dantian
He writes about his insights and experiences with internal development and his physiological changes.

The Yang Style’s Forms Part 3
Liu Xi Wen with Liu Zong Kai and Vincent Chu examine important differences and similarities in Yang Style forms.

Jim Wickmann on How to Learn Tai Chi
Advice on how to improve learning skills

Dax Howard on ‘Why Learn Tai Chi?’
He tells of his experiences in U.S. and China

Chris Boswell and Judy Dover on Tingsen Xu

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