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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2013

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December 2013 - Table of Contents

Vol. 37, No. 4
Winter 2013

Wang Fengming on Silk Reeling Methods

He describes many ways that silk reeling exercises can be performed for health and self-defense. He tells how it is linked in many ways to the acupuncture meridian system.

Jie Gu, Ph.D. on Tai Chi Spring Boxing

He writes a perceptive article about the role of springyness in Tai Chi in the practice of the form and in self-defense.

C. K. Chu Dies; He taught 41 Years in New York City

C. K. Chu, author of books about Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, learned martial arts and calligraphy in Hong Kong before emigrating to the U.S. and obtaining a masters degree in physics. He retired as a high school physics teacher at Brooklyn Tech.

C. K. Chu Testimonials

E. C. Lee Dies

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