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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE September 2012

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September 2012 - Table of Contents

Vol. 36, No. 3
Fall 2012

In Memory of Chen Zhaopi.
Chen Zhenglei writes an article celebrating the 120th Birthday Anniversary and the 40th
anniversary of his teacher’s death. Chen Zhaopi traveled throughout China teaching Chen style and then returned home and reinvigorated its growth in the Chen village.

The Power of Stalking in Tai Chi Self-Defense
Steve Doob, a veteran Tai Chi player, writes about cultivating the power of stalking to cultivate maximum skills.

At Play in the Tai Chi Matrix
Jim Birt, Danville, PA, takes a look at how Tai Chi fits in with Matrix Energetics.

Understanding Yang Style’s Essential Form
Liu Xi Wen with Liu Zong Kai and Vincent Chu examines important differences in Yang Style forms.

Making Tai Chi Accessible to the Disabled
David Hann writes about adjustments that can enable
people with physical impairments to earn the benefits of Tai Chi.

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