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August 1992 - Table of Contents

Jou Tsung Hwa on Making Progress on Your Own
Jou Tsung Hwa discusses his progress in studying Tai Chi and his emphasis on internal energy and individual research

The Teachings of Gu Liuxin
Kent Mitchell writes about what his teacher, Tingsen Xu, Atlanta, GA, tells about his teacher, Gu Liuxin, a renown teacher and Tai Chi writer who died recently.

Research on Knee Safety during Training
Jay Dunbar, Ph.D., reports on his study of Tai Chi Chuan teachers and what it reveals about the dangers of knee problems and how to safeguard again knee injury.

On Tai Chi and Bagua for Health and Self-Defense
Bruce Kumar Francis discusses similarities and differences between Tai Chi and Bagua.

Photos of the Annual Zhang San Feng Festival at Tai Chi Farm

A Discussion of an Olympic Tai Chi Form
Teachers at Tai Chi Farm discuss some possible problems and advantages to establishing an Olympic Tai Chi Form.

Results of San Francisco and St. Louis Tournaments

Are Practitioners Really Learning Good Tai Chi Skills?
Mike Sigman writes about training in North America.

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