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June 2011 - Table of Contents

Vol. 35, No. 2
Summer 2011

Wang Fengming on 8 Techniques Part 2
Wang Fengming completes his instruction in the 8 techniques and their applications.

Howard Choy on Dantian Rotation
He discusses his instruction from Chen Xiaowang and gives examples from his own practice with instructional photos.

S. Dale Brown on Creating a Practice Journal
He describes how keeping a record of information and insights can benefit a student’s progess in Tai Chi.

Rose Oliver on the Process of Practice
She describes how students and teachers evolve in their practice and the adjustments that are necessary.

Peter Ralston on Double Weightedness
A longtime instructor, he reviews the instruction of double weightedness and its importance and gives his understanding of how it works.

George Jepson on Practicing with COPDA longtime Tai Chi practitioner and recent victim of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease, he describes his adjustments.

MoreTributes to Yu Cheng Hsiang

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