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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1989

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December 1989 - Table of Contents
Vol. 13, No. 6
December 1989

How to Understand and Accomplish Sung
Sik Hung Chan, Eugene, OR, presents an insightful and comprehensive approach to sung, a cornerstone of good Tai Chi Chuan.

What to Look for to Train for Self-Defense
Doc-Fai Wong tells what students should look for if they want to be able to train in self-defense with Tai Chi Chuan.

An Internal Approach to Yang Style Applications
Carl Shavers takes a look at the internal aspect of Yang style applications and the Yin/Yang changes that are involved.

Moving from the Center Is the Key to Power
Erle Montaigue discusses some of the subtleties involved in movement and the importance of having it come from the lower abdomen.
Muscle/Tendon Changes and Bone Marrow/Brain Washing

Dr. Yang Jwing-ming discusses an ancient discipline that, like Tai Chi Chuan, revolves around subtle balances of Yin and Yang.


Ch'i Kung Symposium: Reality Vs. Fantasy
The realities and unrealities of ch'i kung (qigong) are discussed in this report of the 2
nd Annual Ch'i Kung Symposium at A Taste of China, in July, 1989, in Winchester, VA.


Winners of the S.F. 2nd Annual American Tai Chi Championships

A Successful Second Effort

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