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August 1989 - Table of Contents

Vol. 13, No. 4
August 1989

Scientists Look at the Effects of Tai Chi
Exercise physiologists at Southern Illinois University study Tai Chi Chuan and find some interesting results.

Working with Tai Chi in a Physiology Lab

Greg Mucci, a Tai Chi Chuan practitioner, tells of some of the difficulties and successes in making a scientific study of Tai Chi.

Opening Energy Gates of the Body

Kumar Frantzis discusses the ch'i kung of Tai Chi and practices important for internal development.

An Interview with a Student of Feng Zhiqiang
Erle Montaigue interviews a student of the famous Beijing push hands practitioner and tells about the development of the Chen style.

Chen Style's Subduing Techniques
Baiping discusses some of the techniques for dealing with an opponent and the prerequisites for the techniques.

Hu Yuen-Chou on Yang Style Waist Movement
Jane Hallander writes about a famous Hong Kong practitioner's ideas on using the waist correctly in Yang style applications.

Results and Photos of the 2nd U.S. All-Taijiquan Championships

Training the Mind Is Essential for Qigong
An excerpt from an interesting new book about using Qigong for health.

Do Tournaments Threaten Tai Chi?
Martin Eisen questions whether classical Tai Chi Chuan can survive tournament competition methods.
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