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April 1989 - Table of Contents
Vol. 13, No. 2
April 1989

Internal Work: Finding the Essence
Dr. Yang Jwing-ming talks about the methods and levels of development in cultivating ch'i kung in Tai Chi Chuan. He discusses how to deal with the mind, the breath and the body and to work toward deeper levels of practice.

Twisting Skill: A Requirement for Chen Style Combat
Liang Baiping translates an excerpt from the book of a famous Chen stylist, Chen Zhaokui. The excerpt explains various twisting skills and also discusses sparring techniques.

In Not Seeking Proof, You Find It
Vincent J Lasorso Jr writes about the conflict of the self proving its individuality and establishment of an underlying unity in oneself and with others.

Traditional Standards Are Vital to Tai Chi Chuan Growth
Yau-Sun Tong, who studies with top masters in China, discusses the importance of preserving fundamental principles and styles to insure the proper growth of Tai Chi Chuan.

Advanced techniques Are Not Just For the Young
Erle Montaigue writes about some of his older students, “Senior Citizen Thugs Brigade” who have learned to work with advanced fighting skills of Tai Chi Chuan.

Posture and Its Significance
Michael Babin discusses some of the factors in correct postures and why they are important.

Principles and Key Points of Qigong
An excerpt from the introduction to a book on qigong looks at historical aspects and useful guidelines for the practice of qigong (ch'i kung).

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