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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1989

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February 1989 - Table of Contents
Vol. 13, No. 1
February 1989
The Inner Form is the Key to Health
Kumar Frantzis describes factors involved in successfully using Tai Chi Chuan for improving health. He tells about some interesting and useful aspects involving self-defense and spiritual aspects as well.

Benjamin Lo Discusses Five Basics
Benjamin Lo feels that development of good Tai Chi Chuan skills requires emphasis on at least five important basics. He talks about these basics and and some of the problems involved in cultivating them.

Chen Style: The Concept and Training Methods
Liang Baiping presents his translation of part of a book by an important Chen stylist about what is really involved in learning the Chen style. But it could apply to any style of Tai Chi Chuan.
Tai Chi Wu Teh (De) Code of Ethics
Jon A. Loren feels that practitioners should know about their ethical responsibilities in Tai Chi Chuan if they are to develop a strong art and wisdom. He offers many useful suggestions.

The Dynamics of Attention
Bob Klein brings his attention to the important part the dynamics of attention play in Tai Chi Chuan. He writes of its development for energy enhancement, inner illumination, and self-defense.
Tai Chi Chuan Itself is Ch'i Kung
Dr. W. Zee brings forward the idea that Tai Chi Chuan is not separate from ch'i kung but is itself a form of ch'i kung and perhaps the most effective one for beginners.

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