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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1988

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December 1988 - Table of Contents

Vol. 12, No. 6
December 1988

Natural Effort Creates the Best Achievement
An interview with Wei Lun Huang about ways to approach practice in relaxed, insightful ways.

Chen Xiaowang Gives Suggestions on Practice
The famous Chen stylist who visited the U.S. Last summer, discusses some important areas of development and how to deal with them. He describes some levels of development.

William C.C. Chen to Fight in 'Challenge of the Century'
The famous disciple of Cheng Man-ch'ing is expected to fight another disciple of Cheng Man-ch'ing, Wu Guochong of Malaysia, next year because of challenges and claims Chen said were made by Wu.

Thoughts on the Basics of Practice
Lenzie Williams of Oakland, CA, a senior student of Benjamin Lo, writes about some important aspects of working with your your practice.

150 Compete in Tournament
The winners of the first annual American Tai Chi Chuan Championships have been announced. Photos of some of the participants are shown.

'And the Winner is …'
Mark Johnson gives his views of what an ideal tournament might be like.

Classifying the Cheng Style
J. Justin Meehan gives reasons why he thinks Cheng Man-ch'ing's system should be recognized as a style in its own right.

Hanging Loose Is a Way to Fell Sung
Peter A. Gilligan writes about how to get the actual experience of the idea of sung.

Freud's Independent Approach to Ch'i.

Donald L. Schurman, Ph.D., writes about how some of Freud's ideas correspond with ch'i.

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