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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE September 2009

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September 2009 - Table of Contents

Vol. 33, No. 3
Fall 2009

Over 400 Attend Tai Chi Symposium
People from 13 countries attended The International Symposium with five masters from China. Scientists, researchers and teachers engaged in panel discussions and keynote speeches. The panel discussions gave interesting information about work that is going on to substantiate the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan. The masters gave accounts of how they learned Tai Chi and what they learned in the process.

Yang Zhenduo on the Outlook for Tai Chi
He is enthusiastic about the growth in China where it has government support and growth throughout the world. Yang Zhenduo has been earnestly promoting Tai Chi Chuan in China and throughout the world for many years.

Chen Zhenglei on Chen Style
Chen Zhenglei discusses the its external and internal aspects, and aspects of training. He tells of his personal journey from the time his parents required him to carry on the family tradition. He describes important point of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

Ma Hailong on Wu Style
He talks about Wu style principles and his personal insights about how to maximize practice. Ma also discussed Tai Chi as a way of self-cultivation and gave his insights into the characteristics of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

Wu Wenhan on Wu Hao Style
Wu Wenhan discusses the founder of Wu Hao style and some of the principles of the style. He gives interesting insights in to the founder, Wu Yuxiang, and his family. He discussed how it developed and important points of practice.

Dr. Esther Sternberg, Keynote Speaker
She gives the closing keynote speech and discusses the effects of Tai Chi on the immune system

Dr. Steve L. Sun Dies
Dr. Steve L. Sun, Havertown, PA, a well-known martial artist, has died.

Jack Yan Translates a Poem by Chen Wangting, founder of the Chen style.

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