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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 2008

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December 2008 - Table of Contents

Vol. 32, No 6
December 2008

    Understanding Song and the Mind

Chen Youze, eldest son of Chen Qingzhou, discusses song and using the mind to achieve it. He also gives insights into the fundamental principles.

   It is, It is NOT, IT IS

William Ting of Mount Laurel, NJ, writes about the simplicity and complexity involved in Tai Chi.

  The Numbers in Taiji

Jiang Jian-ye writes about the spiritual and cultural significance of numbers relating to Tai Chi.

Releasing Power in Push Hands

Li Lian discusses push hands and power release in this installment of Zhou Lishang’s interview with him.

Traditional Short Force Chin Na

C. M. Havens writes about using traditional short force chin na in Tai Chi.

Doing Tai Chi as an Art or as a Way

Alex Yeo writes about different aspects of Tai Chi training and what he feels is necessary to study them seriously.

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