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August 2008 - Table of Contents
Vol. 32, No. 4 August 2008
Neutralization: Key to Push Hands Zhou Lishang continues her interviews with Li Lian of Beijing. A student of Wu Tunan, Li Lian discusses developing the skill of Neutralization, which is the heart of successful Tai Chi push hands. He discusses various aspects of push hands and how to understand and develop the skills.
Liu Hsi-heng’s Tai Chi Teaching Methods
Liu Hsi-heng was Cheng Man-ching’s second student in Taiwan and a dedicated teacher for many years. William Aarvo Tucker is interviewed about his experience studying with Liu for 15 years.
Cultivating Neigong in Tai Chi
Chun Man Sit writes about neigong, which is the inner work of Tai Chi. He discusses body mechanics, relaxation, intention and how they work together.
Wang Zhuang Hong’s Use of Energy
Bruce Boldon, an acupuncturist and martial artist, writes about his experience with Yang stylist Wang Zhuang Hong of Hong Kong.
Building Skills with 3 Core Methods
n this vintage T’AI CHI Magazine article from February 1995, Yang Yang is interviewed about training. Now a Ph.D. from the University of Illinois, he discusses how to raise one’s gongfu level.
Integrity in Teaching Integrity
Alex Yeo writes about different methods that teachers have in teaching and how they try to make their teaching more authentic.

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