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June 2008 - Table of Contents

Vol. 32, No. 3
June 2008

Push Hands Part 3
Zhou Lishang continues her interviews with Li Lian of Beijing. A student of Wu Tunan. Li discusses developing Ting Jin, or the ability to listen to energy–your own and that of the opponent. Ting Jin, along with Dong Jin, understanding energy, are key factors in reaching higher levels of push hands.

Zhang Yun on Taijiquan Dao
Zhang Yun describes the history, principles and techniques of Taijiquan Dao, or broadsword, one of the most popular weapons in Taijiquan and Chinese martial arts.

Beyond the Push: Traditional Tai Chi Elbow Techniques
C. M. and Victoria Havens write about training methods to use elbow techniques in push hands.

Yang Shao Hou’s Training and Students
Vincent Chu of Brookline,MA, and Liu Xi Wen of China write about the training methods of the older brother of Yang Chengfu.

Finding Spiritual Independence
Ni Hua-Ching has lived a life encompassing Taoism, martial arts and traditional Chinese Medicine. In this interview reprint, he talks about awakening people to their own sufficiency.

Jiang Jian-ye Q&A
On how to use the mind to make Tai Chi and qigong practice more effective.

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