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April 2008 - Table of Contents

Vol. 32, No. 2
April 2008

Push Hands Part 2
Zhou Lishang concludes her interview with Li Lian about push hands.

Li Lian Discusses Da Lun Techniques in Push Hands
Li Lian, a high level student of the famous Wu Tunan, presents his ideas and gives examples of Da Lun, which are circular exercises to increase sensitivity. They are part of push hands training.

Ling Zhi-an on the 8 Essentials of Chen Style
First published in T’AI CHI Magazine in August 1995, Ling tells of his studies of Yang and Chen styles and discusses 8 core characteristics of the Chen style. Ling studied with Chen Zhaokui.

The Tai Chi of Sung Shu Ming
Vincent Chu of Brookline,MA, translates an article by Liu Xi Wen about a famous Tai Chi player who lived at the end of the Qing Dynasty and had some famous students.

Tai Chi and Qigong and Jet Lag
Estevam Gomes Ribeiro of Rio de Janeiro, a retired flight attendant, tells how his practice helped him cope with jet lag.                            

Secrets of Successful Practice
Alex Yeo writes about the importance of practice and how to do it regularly.

Jiang Jian-ye Q&A
On starting and closing with the left foot.

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