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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 2008

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February 2008 - Table of Contents

Vol. 32, No. 1
February 2008

Chan See Meng on Martial Arts Training--Part 2
The Alex Yeo interview with Chan See Ming continues. He discusses his experience in Tai Chi, Aikido, Kendo, etc., and gives a no nonsense point of view.

Li Lian Discusses Important Factors in Push Hands
Zhou Lishang interviews Li Lian, a high level student of the famous Wu Tunan, who tells of his teacher’s and his own insights into push hands.

Anthony N. J. Ho Reveals His Insights Into Understanding the Doubleweight Enigma
He tells what his has learned about the meaning of doubleweight and how his understanding has influenced his form, push hands practice and teaching.                 

William C. C. Chen on Tai Chi’s 3 Nails
William Chen presents his insights about using the three nails at the bottom of the feet to improve rootedness and overall skills.

The Spirit and Power of Place in Tai Chi
Richard Druitt tells how where he practices affects his spirit and energy.                           

Flavio Daniele on His Xingyi Experience
Writing from Bologna, Italy, Flavio Daniele relates his insights into Xingyi practice.

Eo Omwake on Form Practice
A veteran practitioner, Omwake describes some of the important processes and benefits involved in practicing the form.

Jiang Jian-ye Q&A
On Curling the tongue.

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