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August 2007 - Table of Contents

Vol. 31, No. 4
August 2007

Qi in Taijiquan Applications
Zhang Yun, who teaches in the Pittsburg, PA, area writes about the multiple cultural meanings of qi and the subtleties of how qi can be used in Taijiquan applications.

Cui Zhongsan on the Evolving Culture of Taijiquan
Zhou Lishang’s interview with Cui Zhongsan in Beijing continues with the second installment in which he talks about the place of Taijiquan in modern life.

Sim Pooh Ho Discusses Taiji’s ‘Entering Stillness’
The disciple of Wu Tunan in this third installment of an interview in Singapore with Alex Yeo discusses the pivotal role of the mind and the importance of the concept “clear spring, still rivers.”

Sung Shu Ming Meets Yang Shaohou
LeRoy Clark of Kenmore, WA, presents an interesting encounter between two highly skilled Tai Chi experts. It was related Clark by students of Wu Tunan, Prof. Yu Zhigen and Chen Jiangying.

Zhu Tiancai Reflects on His Years of Teaching
Bernard Williams reports on an interview in New Zealand with Zhu Tiancai and his insights from teaching all over the world. He gives interesting perspectives on teaching and learning

Cultivating Internal Strength in Chen Style
David Gaffney of Manchester, UK, talks to experts he interviewed in the Chen Village about how to develop Tai Chi’s internal strength.

The Beauty of Practice
Mike Gentile of Charlotte, NC, writes about how to cope with issues that arise in practice.

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