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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE December 1991

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December 1991 - Table of Contents

Vol. 15, No. 6
December 1991


Qigong Work Can Help To Uncover Primal Knowledge
Da-jin Sun discusses important aspects of qigong practice, including how to approach it with the best attitude.


Push Hands: A Way to Root Out Fear
Don Ethan Miller discusses important points for rooting and using your root in push hands.


Requirements for Practicing Sun Style
The daughter of the founder of the Sun style writes from Beijing about principles of practice and the counsel of her father about Tai Chi Chuan.


Form and Power Depend on Attention To Basics
Chad Krimmel reports on conversations with George Xu and Zhang Xue Xin about improving form and power.


Guidelines For Achieving Superior Softness
Bernard Zayner writes about his experience in Taipei studying with Tao Ping Siang and his rules for developing softness and push hands skills.


Tai Chi Training Helps Remarkable Recovery from a Severe Neck Injury
Wei Lun Huang talks about his rapid recovery from a neck injury that initially left him paralyzed from the neck down.


The Lighter Side of Tai Chi’ Has Serious Practical Uses
Arthur Goodridge, a super heavyweight push hands champion, gives his ideas for developing lightness to counteract stiffness.


Tai Chi Groundwork Exercises – Part 2

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