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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1991

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October 1991 - Table of Contents

Vol. 15, No. 5
October 1991


T’ai Chi Form and Self-Defense
Dai Ying, a Wu style expert from Shanghai, gives insights on important aspects of T’ai Chi practice.


Finding Balance and ‘The Middle Way’
Tingsen Xu and Bradford Priddy discuss development and use of balance in T’ai Chi techniques and in daily life.


Philosophical and Spiritual Aspects of Martial Arts
Eo Omwake discusses some of the deeper aspects involved in the practice of martial arts.


Tai Chi Groundwork Exercises
These exercises from China are useful for developing technical skills and helping in the application of qi (ch’i).


Teaching in a Corporate Environment Can Be Harmful to Your Well-Being
George T. Jepson writes about his experience teaching students in a corporate environment and some of the problems he has encountered in an area hard hit by the recession.


Meditation and Tai Chi
Martin Eisen, Ph.D., writes about how beginners and other practitioners can benefit from various meditative practices that will enhance their T’ai Chi.


Tai Chi in the Jardin Du Luxembourg
Guy Robinson of Georgia writes about the interesting practitioners he met during a visit to Paris.


Results and Photos of the U.S. National Chinese Martial Arts Tournament in Houston

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