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August 1991 - Table of Contents

Vol.15 No. 4
August 1991

T’ai Chi as a Way Of Organic Integration
Fong Ha, Berkeley, CA, discusses internal aspects of T’ai Chi development and the concept and application of “Empty Force.”

The Realities and Unrealities of ‘Empty Force’
Jan Diepersloot interviews Fong Ha on “Empty Force” and discusses how it works. Both have worked with so-called ‘empty force’ for years.

The Teachings of Yeung(Yang) Sau-chung.
Kwok W. Chu tells of his experience as a student with the famous eldest son of Yang Cheng-fu, along with some of Yeung’s explanations of T’ai Chi principles.

A Look at Essentials For Competent Push Hands Skills.
Mike Sigman, a Chen style teacher and a veteran push hands player, comments on important principles of push hands, including important mistakes that players can make. He also discusses tournament push hands.

Key Principles of Form Practice
Tony DeMoulin Young, who has studied T’ai Chi Ch’uan since 1972, discusses principles of form practice that she has found to be valuable in daily practice.

The Application of Qi in Martial Arts.
Lao Cen, writing from Beijing, discusses the use of qi, ch’i, in martial arts, using mental power and the breath.

Results and Photos of Competition at A Taste Of China, San Francisco,
and St. Louis Tournaments.

T’ai Chi As A Flowering Spiral

Alan Sims gives insight into the use of T’ai Chi principles of movement as they apply to daily life.

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