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April 1991 - Table of Contents

Vol. 15, No. 2
April 1991

Sold Out. Zhang Xia Xin Talks About Internal Power And Qigong Training.
Forms, even the Chen style, can be easy but developing internal power can be difficult, according to Zhang Xia Xin, who studied with China’s top push hands expert.

Kumar Frantzis on Healing Benefits of the Wu Style.
Kumar Frantzis, who has studied many styles, tells of his experiences with the Wu style and its use for healing.

Bob Klein Has an Interesting Perspective About “Nothing”
Bob Klein says “nothing” is one of the most difficult and most valuable aspects of practicing T’ai Chi Ch’uan since it forms the very root of the art.

Internal Energies of Chen and Yang Styles
Stuart Kohler has translated a chapter from a book by Catherine Despeux that gives valuable information about the internal energies of Tai Chi Chuan for health and self-defense.

Soft Style Chin Na
Martin Eisen, Ph.D., shows how to use a soft style of chin na for self-defense employing the same principles that are embodied in Tai Chi Chuan.

Do You Make Use of Moderation, Efficiency and Naturalness in Your Practice?
Eo Omwake says that they are necessary to reach the more refined levels of T’ai Chi and explains how they can be developed.

T’ai Chi Training Helps Multiple Sclerosis Patients
Andy Wong developed an unusual program in Canada to teach disabled people, some of whom could not even stand to practice. It has been very successful.

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