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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE October 1992

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October 1992 - Table of Contents

Vol. 16, No.5
October 1992

Thunder Style Taijiquan
Adam Hsu writes about the Thunder Style Taijiquan and its re-emergence after the discovery of the village where it was started and the resumption of teaching by the senior practitioners.

The Deadly Art of ‘S’
Peter Capell writes about the way Lu Ping Zhang uses and teaches the “S” principle as an important push hands and self-defense technique in Tai Chi Chuan.

How Tai Chi and Qigong Work to Improve Health Conditions and Self-Defense Skills.
Dr. Yang Jwing-ming discusses many aspects of Tai Chi Chuan and qigong and how practitioner can best utilize them in their practice.

Tai Chi and Wushu Versus Show Forms
Mike Sigman takes a look at Tai Chi Chuan and Wushu and examines their similarities. He also takes a look at how they compare to show forms.

Eight Exercises To Strengthen The Waist
These exercise have proved effective in benefiting the kidney and stimulating circulation of qi and blood and fortifying bones.

Results and Photos of The U.S. National Chinese Martial Arts Tournament on Orlando.

Will the ‘Real’ Chi Please Stand Up?
Michael Babin discusses some aspects of ch’i cultivation and Tai Chi Chuan practice.

Foundations of Tai Chi Chuan
Alan Sims writes about the importance of special exercises for beginners to learn basic principles.

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