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June 1992 - Table of Contents

Vol. 16, No. 3
June 1992
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Tai Chi Excels Because It is An Exercise of the Mind
In an interview, Her Yue Wong, discusses the use of mind in Tai Chi Chuan and aspects of Yang style development. He has practiced martial arts for 44 years.

William Chen Discusses Training for Push Hands and Street Fighting
Rolly Brown interviews William C. C. Chen about the realities of training for fighting and the value of form and push hands. Chen discusses some of his training methods.

The Five Bows of Tai Chi Chuan.
Peter Capell writes about the theory of bows that he learned from his teacher, Lu Ping Zhang. He feels Tai Chi is unique in providing how-to training in the use of bows for martial arts.

The Lighter Side of Push Hands.
Arthur Goodridge, a super heavyweight push hands champion, writes about his approach to training students in push hands. He discusses some of the problems people face in developing their push hands.

The Multiple Aspects of Tai Chi Training.
Paul Gallagher, who studied with T. T. Liang and has practiced Tai Chi since the mid – 1960s, discusses some of the various methods of training that are available.

Tai Chi and the Art of Sailing.
George Jepson writes about the remarkable similarities in skill that are required for sailing and Tai Chi Chuan.

Only You Can Learn.
Bob Klein gives some useful exercises to understand Tai Chi directly without buzzwords and theory.

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