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T'AI CHI MAGAZINE February 1991

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February 1991 - Table of Contents

Vol. 15, No.1
February 1991

Chen-hsiang Yu Has Strong Views about Strength
In a martial art that emphasizes softness, Chen-hsiang Yu makes the point that you also have to use strength if you want to use the art of self-defense.

Sik Hung Chan Talks About Ways to Train Your Mind
A veteran teacher discusses the importance of working with the mind and gives useful techniques and advice.

Power and Flexibility Don’t Always Come Naturally
Martin Eisen, Ph.D., takes a refreshing look at what it takes to develop power, flexibility, flow and ch’i. He says the form won’t do it all for you.

Silk Reeling and Fa-jin Exercises Can Help Develop Your Skills
Donald L. Schurman, Ph.D., in the second installment of his article, gives additional instruction and advice about these important aspects of Tai Chi Chuan practice.

In Memory of Gu Liuxing
Wu Ta-yeh who has corresponded with Gu Liuxing for many years, gives a testimony to Gu’s many contributions to Tai Chi Chuan.

Internal Vs. External:Which Is More Important?
David F. Dolbear examines the value of both and gives some valuable insights about internal and external practice.

Proposed Rules for Tournament Free Fighting
J. Justin Meehan gives a comprehensive proposal for incorporating free fighting in Tai Chi Chuan tournaments.

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